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Kansas Alpha One ARES
Kansas Alpha One ARES
NE Kansas Amateur Radio Club
Kansas Amateur Repeater Council (repeater coordinator)
Kansas City APRS Org
Douglas Country ARC
KVARC Membership Form
KVARC Repeater Operation Procedures Synopsis
Kansas Scanner Frequencies
Amateur and GMRS radio repeaters in Kansas
FCC Registered Amateur Radio Licenses in Topeka, Kansas
Live Real Time Satellite Tracking and Predictions
Satellite Tracking for Topeka

Quick Reference
FCC Amateur License Search
Graphical Frequency Allocations
FCC Registered Amateur Radio Licenses in the US
NOAA Kansas Weather Stations
DX Watch - Freq Skimmer Results
DX Sherlock 2.3 - QSO/SWL real time maps
Graphical Frequency Allocations
Amateur Radio Callsign Lookups
HamQTH Free Callbook

2M Band Plan
http://Ham Universe
The DX Zone
W0 QSL Bureau
Ham Radio Classified Ads
Larry's List
North American Repeater Directory
K5EHX Repeater Search Engine
AC0HY's playlist
AC0HY's Flash playlist

Introduction to Wave Propagation, Transmission Lines, and Antennas Recommended
Basics of Radio Wave Propagation
Current Space Weather
Propagation Charts
HF Propagation Prediction and Ionospheric Communications Analysis
Solar Activity & HF Propagation
Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network
International Meteor Organization

Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) Community Site
The World Wide Radio Forum
QRZ Forums
DStarUsers Exchange
InterceptRadio.com Forums

Emergency Management Institute - FEMA Independent Study Program
Information and Pictures of Radios
Antique Radio Pictures
GM3SEK's Amateur Radio Technical Notebook
IW5EDI Ham Radio Blog
Ham Nation Podcast
Resources and analysis for electronics engineers
Interference to Home Electronic Entertainment Equipment Handbook
Amateur Radio for People with Disabilities
European Conference...

Online Calculators
Electronics Utilities
Twisted Pair Cable Impedance Calculator
Coax Impedance Calculator
Java Calculators for Amateur Radio Experimenters
Various Java Calculators
Wire Coil Inductor Calculator
Grid Square Conversion (and distance calculation)
Deg, Min, Sec and Decimal Deg Lat/Long Conversions

Ham Radio Technical Reference
Free Electronic Circuits
Deferred Procedure Calls (DPCs) Latency Checker
Smith Chart Tutorial

Associated Radio
Universal Radio, Inc.
The eHam Store
Amateur Electronic Supply
DNJ Radio
Electronic Service Center, Inc.
HamShop China
D&L Antenna Supply
WB0W (Antennas) St. Joseph, MO
Parts Suppliers

License Preparation
General Upgrade Study Guide
ARRL Exam Review for Ham Radio™ Download or Print Amateur Radio Question Pools
NC4FB TECH Question Pool Listing
NC4FB GENERAL Question Pool Listing
NC4FB EXTRA Question Pool Listing
eHam.net Ham Exams
Technician License (2014-2018)
General License (2015-2019)
Amateur Extra License (2016-2020)
RadioQTH Amateur Radio Vanity License Search
FCC Amateur License Search
ARRL General Class Instructor's Manual
The Teacher’s Guide To Amateur Radio Instruction
Shared Resources for Instruction and Study Guides
Preparing Students for the Exam
Operating Protocol and Practical Skills
Question Pool Information

CW Morse Code
Morse code From Wikipedia
A Beginner's Guide to Making CW Contacts Recommended
Koch Method CW Trainer (Software) Recommended
Morse Code for the Handicapped
CwGet - CW Decoder Recommended
EhoCW Keyboard Keyer, Morse Code Generator & Decoder Recommended
Morse Code Translator
Morse Code Decoders
Learn Morse Code (CW) Online
Convert eBooks to Morse MP3s/OGGs
Milestone Technologies (retail)
MRX Morse Code Download
WD6CNF Software
MRX Morse Code Software
CW Trainers
N9BOR Morse Code Links

Remote & Virtual
RemoteHams [new ham with no rig?]
HamSphere - Virtual Ham Radio
QsoNet Virtual Ionosphere

QRP Doing more with less...
QRP Amateur Radio Club International
NASA 3-day GOES X-ray Flux Monitor
Sub 9kHz Amateur Radio
Weak Signal Communication Software
QRP Portal
QRP Spots

New Jersey QRP Club
NorCal QRP Clu
American QRP Club
Four State QRP Kits Recommended
Hendricks QRP Kits

Mouser Electronics
Electronics Supply Co (KCMO)
Surplus Sales of Nebraska
Dan's Small Parts And Kits
Amateur Radio AF4K
Rf Amplifier Tips & Guide
AA Portable Power Corp.
RF Parts Company
International Radio - Quartz Crystal Filters...and more!
Micro-Mark Tools and Accessories
Quicksilver Radio Products
Ferrite Cores, Beads, Balun Kits
Analog Devices
The Parts Place
Electronic Surplus
Expanded Spectrum Systems - Crystals Recommended
Ground Wire to Ground Rod - Ultraweld
Uncle Sy, the LED Guy
Fair Radio Sales - Electronic Military Surplus
Kits and Parts - The Toroid King
Scott's Electronic Parts
OMRON Electronic Components
BG Micro
Low Melt DeSolder Wire, Low-Temp SMD De-Soldering
Communication Concepts Inc.
4 Band Resistor Color Codes
Capacitor Marking Table

Personal Pages
Dave's Radio Receiver Page
HAMwaves.com (ON4AA)
SDR & Tech Newsletter

Introduction to Wave Propagation, Transmission Lines, and Antennas Recommended
The Antenna Elmer
DX Zone Antennas Recommended
Antenna Design Programs
A Brief Listing of Antenna Links
Antennas , Aerials And Propagation
Low Band Receiving Antenna Comparisons
W1GHZ Microwave Antenna Book
Moxon Antenna Project
Moxon Rectangle Calculator
(G3TXQ) - What Antenna Tuners Do
A Balanced Balanced Antenna Tuner Recommended
The Real SWR Page Recommended
Transmission Line Loss
Types of Coax Cable and Line Loss Calculator
Coaxial Cable - Attenuation & Power Handling Calculator
Transmission Line Loss Calculator
NEC Based Antenna Modeler And Optimizer (software)
Slim Jim/J-Pole Antenna Calculator Recommended
2 Meter Halo Antenna by Mike Fedler N6TWW
A Tree Friendly 2 Meter Halo Antenna
2 Meter Copper Slim Jim Antenna Project
Dipole Antennas - the Effect of Height Above Ground
Constructing a Tape Measure Yagi Antenna
Detailed Antenna Designing Programs In MS Excel
MMANA-GAL Antenna-analyzing tool
4 Element Hentenna Beam for 2 Meters (14+ db Gain)
Coaxial Balun by I0QM
The K7NV Notebook
A 90 foot Irrigation Tubing Vertical
Homebrew Antenna Links

Software Defined Radio (SDR)
The SDR / DSP Starter Page
Tony Parks, KB9YIG - SoftRock Radio Kits
Keep checking back.

WB5RVZ Software Defined Radio Homepage
Genesis Radio
SDR : Software Defined Radio
The Time Machine
More SDR Links
High Performance Software Defined Radio
SDR Cube
High Performance SDRs
FUNcube Dongle
TX and RX Packet using the sound card
NOAA-19 APT Recption using GNU Radio and a FUNcube Dongle
SpectraVue and Utility Software Files
SDR# PC-based DSP application for SDR
Connecting Soundcard SDR to Computer

Ham Software
CW Morse Code Software
Antenna Modeling Software
Multimode Encoder-Decoder Software
Quality Windows Ham Software |
Computer Aided Radio Support Software
Afreet Software |
CW Skimmer Listener
Amateur Radio Freeware Programs
Sigmira™ SDR Software
Ham Radio Software from F6CTE
W4MQ Internet Remote Base
MMANA-GAL antenna analysis software
TRX Manager Control Software
Amateur Radio Software

RTTY and Digital
The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing
Learning DSP (digital signal processing)
Getting Started on RTTY
PSK31 Guide
Weak Signal Communication Software
Weak Signal Propagation Reporter
Specialized Radio Communication Modes
DV Dongle
Automatic Packet Reporting System
AMSAT Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
Documents for New Satellite Users
FM Amateur Radio Satellite Freq
Satellite Operating Frequencies
Earth-Moon-Earth Communication
Home of Moonbouncers
UISS Packet Radio Communication Software
TrueTTY (software)
AMSAT - Satellite Related Software
SatPC32 Satellite Tracking and Antenna Control Software
Satellite Flybys
JavaScript Kit | CodingForums.com